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Residential Yard Drainage Contractor In RI

As a yard drainage contractor in Rhode Island, we specialize in designing and installing drainage systems to prevent water buildup in outdoor spaces. Excessive water accumulation can lead to a variety of problems, including soil erosion, plant damage, and even structural damage to buildings. An experienced yard drainage contractor like Bouchard & Son Excavation LLC can help identify the source of water buildup and provide a customized solution to eliminate the problem.

One of the more common services we provide as a yard drainage contractor is the installation of French drains. A French drain is a type of drainage system that is designed to direct water away from the foundation of a building and into a designated area. The system typically consists of a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel or rock, which is buried in a trench and covered with soil. Bouchard & Son Excavation LLC will assess the site and determine the best location for the drain, as well as determining the appropriate slope and depth for the trench.

Another service we provide is the installation of surface drainage systems. These systems are designed to collect and redirect surface water away from the property. Surface drainage systems may include features such as swales, which are shallow ditches that direct water to a designated area, or catch basins, which collect water in a basin and direct it into a drainage pipe. The best benefit of working with a yard drainage contractor like Bouchard & Son Excavation LLC is that we will evaluate the site and determine the best approach for addressing surface water issues. We can also provide maintenance services to ensure that the drainage system continues to function properly over the course of time.